Super Strong Multi-Purpose Magic Gloves

Super Strong Multi-Purpose Magic Gloves

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Fed up of having to buy sponges to simply throw them away after a day when they have turned grotty, miserable and useless? If only there was a magical product which meant you didn’t have to use both dish gloves and (grubby) sponge when washing the dishes… 

Voila - call us your genie as we have granted your wishes - these 2 in 1- environmentally friendly-magic dish gloves are exactly this, and - most importantly - so easy to use.

Their soft silicone material allows for comfort, stretch and the ultimate deep clean! Simply pop them on, add your washing up liquid, foam up and go.

Washing up has never been so simple!

  • Made out of silicone - comfortable, don’t deform or curl, stretchy
  • 2 in 1 tool
  • Not just for dishwashing - multiple purpose 
  • Easy to foam
  • Bristles don’t absorb water